Sphere System

The name and the idea
Sphere stands for a variety of words comprising the geometrical form of a ball or globe as well as the radiance of an atmosphere. The technical solution is a construction of steel blades forming a ball and holding the illuminant. The idea: "A ball in a ring can be adjusted into any direction." Without a hinge, without abrasion.

The Materials
The ball itself is made of stainless steel blades. The Ring is heat-proof glas, mounted onto a body of anodized aluminium.

The heads and the illuminants
- Head H111: Ø 130 mm, 12 V, one QR-111 (AR111) illuminant
- Head H111H: Ø 130 mm, 230 V, one HIPAR111 (CDM-R111) illuminant
- Head H16: Ø 116 mm, 12 V, one QR-CB51 (MR16) illuminant
- Head H16H: Ø 116 mm, 230 V, one QPAR16 illuminant

The Models
Sphere is an entire family of luminaires. It consists of lamps for ceiling, wall, floor, a pendant model, a flood light and a range for professional lighting. Most of them have the option to carry one or two heads.

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